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To be eligible to take the ticket dismissal course, all of the following must be true:

  1. I have not taken the course for a violation within 1 year prior to the violation I want to dismiss.
  2. If I hold a commercial driver license, I was driving my personal vehicle when I was cited
  3. My ticket did not result from an accident involving death or a life-threatening or serious injury.
  4. If it is determined at any time before, during or after completion of this class that I am NOT eligible to take the course for ticket dismissal, I understand that I would receive only a partial refund of the course.
  5. The ticket is in my name. (If a photo radar ticket is in someone else's name, you must contact the court beforehand to change it.)
  6. If I received more than one violation when I was cited and received an extension from the court to take this course, I understand that the extension only covers the violation that I am enrolling for. Any other violation needs to be taken care of with the court before my original court date.
  7. I understand that I might not be eligible to take this course and that 123 AZ Online Driving School will notify me within the next two business days if I am NOT eligible. I further understand that I can call 123 AZ Online Driving School's office to confirm my eligibility before enrolling for this course.
  8. My court date or extension date is 7 or more days from today.
  9. After you have uploaded or emailed your driver license and ticket to us, we must verify them with your registration BEFORE YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THE COURSE. Please call our office at 623-419-4594 between 7am and 9pm if you want to start immediately. We will do our best to process your documents as soon as possible.
  10. I understand that once I start the course, a REFUND IS NOT AVAILABLE. A partial refund of the court fee MAY be possible in the event I do not successfully complete the course.
  11. I understand that there is an identity verification process throughout the course, I will be called or texted with a code that must be entered into the course correctly to continue.
  12. I certify that all registration information I am about to enter is true and correct.

I agree that all of the foregoing is true and accurate.